9:30am-noon Play-to-Learn session
open to (0-750.) The half-hour practical lesson is followed by a short
2-hour game.
All this for $8.00. Lesson subjects cover the solid basics of good bidding, vicious defense
and demonic declarer play.

Tuesday 12:30 pm a relaxed Bridge Game. No Masterpoints, No losers, only Winners. The game will
be ran duplicate style but players
can ask questions at any time. This will be a great way for less
experienced players to work on their game. Please tell your friends who are uncomfortable playing in
a sanctioned game with winner and losers, that they can now play in a relaxed setting and get HELP
by asking questions.

2nd and 4th WEDNESDAY MORNING 9:30-Noon Mentor game....This game pairs a newer player
with a more experienced player who will be a bridge Mentor

THURSDAY MORNING 9:30-Noon  0-750.........1/2 hour lesson before the game(just like Monday

FRIDAY Morning 9-11 Beginner program begins 1/3/20 and goes on for 16 weeks.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON 12:30pm 0-750 with 1/2 lesson before the game(Like Monday am.)

Monthly Workshops
Two hour lesson with handouts. We dive into one theme and play hands regarding the theme. We
discuss bidding, play and defense. 9:30AM $10. One of the best deals in bridge. Usually Tuesday
and Friday Mornings...check the calendar!